who person icon Who I am looking at
The profile of person you selected.


When you click on someone's icon face to find out more information on them, pages like this appear. It shows their interests, any text note they want to include about themselves, along with ways to contact them.
Instant Message
Phone call


This profile also has a YouTube video to the right of the face. Click on it to view on profiles


Click on BLOCK to stop them from being able to Instant Messag you or even see that you are listed. You may Unblock someone if you made a mistake or things change.



3 people icon Home

my preferences icon People or List

my preferences icon Setup
Approved photos
Take a new Photo

my interest list icon My Interests

who person icon Who I am looking at
Instant message
Make a phone call

Folder Other Folder

My home location
list of matches icon List of matches
filter magnifing glass icon Looking for
Private Chats
Chat rooms
The stylist icon Stylist


Spell check

Feature List



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