MakeFriends Present and Future features


Present features

Gold and Silver Membership bundles along with seperate itmes

CHAT rooms

No Ad's

PUSH Notification

Auto rotate to view and type in portrait or landscape mode

GPS position or Manually Set your location

YouTube videos on profile pages

Password protect your account
Log on/Log off

Create and update your own profile

Search on gender, sexual orientation, common interests and unique keywords you chose

View the profiles that match your criteria.

See Map view

See List view

Search by name

Jump to exact location Zoom in and out from street level to world view

Display local places to meet at, Starbucks™ and McDonads™ etc

Set how accurate your own position is shown on the map

Block and unblock people

View 50 people at a time

Email any matches that list their address

Speed dial the phone number of any matches that list their phone number

IM Chat with other users. Unlimited and no-fee text messaging

94 Emote Icons in chat

Small pictures to FULL screen view of people

Upload your own picture

Take a new photo to use on your profile

Send up to 15 pictures to others per day.

Use your own photo or one of our stock pictures for your marker

Button to go to Your home location

3 pages worth of text for your information profile text .

Use HTML and create live link on your profile

See how far users are from your current location

Stores may have a static location
Create a Static Store/location

Works indoors and outdoors on 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi networks.

You may add more keywords

You may unlmited people for priavte chats

Icon picture 250 percent bigger in Map & List View

* Green items are extra cost items found in the Stylist page

Change miles to KM both ways.

Change the Map views from satellite to street view.

See when people have been online.

Spell checking On or Off in chats

Send Text and photos when they are not online

Background wall paper on profiles

Your own Headlines on list view

Who is new
List people who have looked at you
List people who you have talked to
NEWs and hints
Best Profile
Most Popular Male
Most Popular Female

Travel free anywhere in the world and place your marker there.

Bonus FREE functions

Win or Earn Bonuses

Video tutorials/information

Search on topics or interests

10 times more functions and abilities than any other social networking application


3 people icon Home

my preferences icon People or List

my preferences icon Setup
Approved photos
Take a new Photo

my interest list icon My Interests

who person icon Who I am looking at
Instant message
Make a phone call

Folder Other Folder

My home location
list of matches icon List of matches
filter magnifing glass icon Looking for
Private Chats
Chat rooms
The stylist icon Stylist


Spell check

Feature List



Future features

Change your user name

Highlight your name at Top of text LIST

Expedite approval of photos. within 3 hours

Other languages

Send winks

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